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Olya Polyakova told about the possibility of marriage

Оля Полякова рассказала о возможном замужествеThe singer proposed to the foreigner.

Singer Olya Polyakova speaks openly on any topic. But would she be as open to lay down something else in her life? As found VIVA!, Olya Polyakova could become the wife of a very different man. The artist remembered it and imagined what would have been her life.

“If at the time… I married a man who asked me to marry him and move with him to another country, I would not be a singer, and would be unhappy Frau with three kids and a kitchen. And I think she (me) would have been absolutely furious. But I wanted to be a singer and knew that in the proposed circumstances that would be impossible.”

But Olya Polyakova was just that. And because of their experience and character openly affects even the most unloved topic for women. The actress spoke about her age and how it relates to:

“You want it or not, but… you will age. In any case, sooner or later it will happen. Most likely, simultaneously with their friends. Well, maybe for a couple of years later if you are addicted to any technology. But, in any case, you will age. Moreover, as if young and fit, neither looked like your ass, the eyes will always betray your real age. So I, like, look good, and so all of a young girl, but, I have never managed to sell to anyone that I’m 25 )))”

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