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Olya Polyakova surprised fans with an unusual way

Оля Полякова удивила фанатов необычным образомUkrainian singer told how to achieve success.

Singer Olya Polyakova graced the February issue of “Dobrye sovety”. Instead of the traditional headdress, she gave preference to elegant ringlets.

Photo was taken by Sonya Placidus.

Polyakova shared stories about their success, spoke about the support of a spouse, the difficulties in the upbringing of children, and advised not to put barriers in the way of that goal. To cope with the failures in the career path Polyakova helped her husband. He brought in the artist position “can’t change the circumstances – change your attitude to them”, taught not to dwell on the disappointments, and move on.

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“All the barriers and fences only in our head. Nothing’s impossible!”, – said the singer.

Also Olya Polyakova is the chief organizer of family events, but believes that has come to this in vain.

“The best holiday in my life was our wedding day! I do absolutely nothing and never answered. Now I organize everything: watch, everything is ordered, everything is brought in, all of it fun. My advice to women: do not overtighten the blanket over himself, even if the husband makes you a feast, and you decorate it!”, – shared Council Polyakov.

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Despite a busy concert schedule, the singer has two daughters. In her opinion, children should do what they like.

“Sometimes I think the whole schooling system today is built this way: to teach, fell to the ground from fatigue and in result no one knew anything. I was thinking of following the example of her friends Masha translate into home education!”, – said the singer.

Оля Полякова удивила фанатов необычным образом

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