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Olya Polyakova hit a famous leading live. Video

Оля Полякова ударила известного ведущего в прямом эфире. ВидеоThe star behind the scenes of “Dancing” pounced on Artem Gagarin.

Columnist #BACKSTAGE of the project Dances with stars z 2018 Artem Gagarin live focused on one of the phrases of the singer, and the result is Olya Polyakova grabbed a microphone from the entertainer several times and hit him on the back.

In the history of Ukrainian show business already had a dispute with the participation of the microphone – for example, after one awkward question from Katya Osadchaya, Irina Bilyk smashed her microphone. Extravagant blonde Olya Polyakova acted differently in behind the scenes category #BACKSTAGE, which leads Artem Gagarin.

When Artem Gagarin encouraged all viewers to vote for couple Dances, show s with stars, and joked that it would be necessary and Olya Polyakova to replenish the account so she could vote, the actress said. “Not required cidate meni, better – COPT the ticket for the concert of the 26th Zhovtnya. And you know, chomu in less than no pennies on Telefon? Bo I VSI Groshi has vklla in those Dov*Ana show!” said Olya Polyakova in the conversation with Artem Gagarin.

In this remark Gagarin cracked a joke: “Yak ti wrno described svy concert!”. Immediately after this short dialogue, Olya Polyakova grabbed a microphone Artem Gagarin and several times kicked showman.

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