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Olya Polyakova accused the Russian singer of plagiarism

Оля Полякова обвинила российскую певицу в плагиатеShocking superblondinka caught another star plagiarized her signature headgear.

Scandalous Ukrainian singer, superblondinka Olya Polyakova accused another Russian star in the plagiarism of her brand, as she claims, headdress kokoshnik.

This time under the hot hand Polyakova got singer Nyusha.

“#Newsatlanta #nyakatonzi)))) coincidence?” – Polyakov wrote in his Instagram.

She also added a photo on which the headdress of Russian pop stars similar to the headdress Polyakova.

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Оля Полякова обвинила российскую певицу в плагиате

In turn, the fans Polyakova was divided in opinion: some have argued that this headdress is the only Ukrainian singer, others noted that the headdress is an ancient Russian headdress, and not the invention of outrageous superblondinka.

“I really like you, but if it comes to that, the early your headdress with braids too splagiirovano with headdresses Lagerfeld for Chanel collection 2009 for Russia. Everything in this world is secondary,” said one of the bloggers.

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Still others praised once again Polyakova excellent sense of humor and subtle trolling of the Russian stars.

We will remind, recently in a similar headgear on new year’s concert lit up the king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov, what Polyakova wrote on his photoblog.

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