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Olya Polyakova accused the Hollywood star of “plagiarism”

Оля Полякова обвинила голливудскую звезду в «плагиате»The singer was always excellent sense of humor.

Famous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova has published on his page in Instagram a humorous post. The collage depicts she and the famous singer Katy Perry. Both girls on their heads large chandeliers. It is known that yesterday, may 7, in new York held the Ball costume Institute or the Met Gala 2019. On it, Perry came in costume-the chandelier, and Olya Polyakova jokingly accused her of plagiarism by comparing with your way.

Some netizens did not understand the humor Oli and attacked her with negative comments: “you are wrong Here! I don’t think Katy Perry decided splagiatit Olya Polyakova! Well it’s sounds funny, She doesn’t even know about your existence, Only You, Olga, you know that Katie exists, and it’s about you not even realize. To all of you chandelier, and her candle”.

Other subscribers, having risen on protection of Oli, noted that some commentators just don’t get the joke.

Оля Полякова обвинила голливудскую звезду в «плагиате»

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