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Oliver Marinkovski and the horrors of the human body (ART)

Today’s guest is “Art”-section of the Zone Horror becomes Marinkovski Oliver (Oliver Marinkoski) is a sculptor from Macedonia with very unusual ideas that sure would come in quite like John carpenter.

Unexpected and disgusting, but interesting and eerily plausible experiments of Oliver on the human body make us shudder and nervously smiling. Some of the work, frankly, to give this genius – at least art with a gun, in which more than clearly underlines the phallic symbolism of the weapon.

The artist describes his creation thus:

Visual inspiration for me was the film “altered States”, where the main character begins to physically turn into nothing. I watched this movie as a kid, and all these forms and changes are very much scared me. Later I watched the movie in adulthood and began better to understand his idea, but turning into nothing and remained terrifying. In high school I discovered the work of Hans Giger and his art really inspired me.

With the rest of the work Marinkovski can be found on its pages in Tumblr and Instagram.

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