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Olga Sumskaya fell in love with a Russian actor

Ольга Сумская влюбила в себя российского актераThe famous Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska took part in the filming of the Christmas lights called spend the winter on the channel inter.

New year wishes come true, people to meet, and feelings, even the most secret, suddenly break out and start to rule the roost.

This from personal experience Olga Sumskaya – or rather her character in new year party Stay for the winter.

In this holiday the actress has got a key role: it is thanks to her character impure into the hands of the administrator, Leonid Viktorovich (played by Jan Tsapnik) refuses devious plan to Scam with new year’s concerts and leave without a celebration of the hundreds of people who bought tickets for them. If you are going to get away with double cash, he suddenly encounters his high school sweetheart Olga and realizes that the old feelings are still hot… And he is ready for everything just to give her the best New year in her life!

“I play a lonely woman who wants to meet a man, but it all does not add up. And now, 30 years later, on New year miracle happens – she meets a classmate who once was in love with her. And realizes that he is the man! My partner played a wonderful Jan Tsapnik. It’s funny that when we had to play husband and wife in the same series. But not developed: Jan then injured his leg, came to the shooting on crutches and plastered leg. In this form he couldn’t play, so his role was given to another actor. However, time passed, and this year our Jan roads crossed again, and we still played a couple in new year party! Working with him is a pleasure. He is very emotional and positive person and gives a good mood all around!“ says about her character, Olga Sumy.

In recognition of the Jan Tsapnik, he also received great pleasure from filming. And don’t skimp on the compliments all around.

“I am delighted that for the first time in two years again removed in Kiev. It’s worth it! I love to be in this city. In addition, in this project, for me all came together: and a great partners and a wonderful Director, and a good crew. Moreover, a New year is a holiday when everyone is in a good mood when I forget all the wrongs and remember only the good. At this time all think of all the friends, acquaintances, loved ones and relatives, wishing each other health, happiness and gifts. Therefore doubly pleased that we are your Christmas light will give people a good mood,“ says the actor.

Ольга Сумская влюбила в себя российского актера

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