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Olga Romanovskaya told, as was arranged in the center of the city strip

Ольга Романовская рассказала, как устроила в центре города стриптизEx-via Gra was embarrassing because of the short skirt.

Singer Olga Romanovskaya caught in a piquant situation on vacation in Geneva.

Ex-“VIA Gra” was at the center of people’s attention. Romanovskaya walked around the city with battened skirt.

“I walked through the city, leaving no one indifferent. The car braked, zooming. Men in French fun was shouting something to me in a trace, I did not understand, but I think something good (or maybe not). Girls push each other with his elbow, whispering. Even always business “white collar” whistled in passing Ask, what is my secret? Can, confidence, smile, tanned legs? It’s 5 blocks, covered with battened skirt. Thanks to one kind lady said. A few blocks away, again feeling the vents in the buttocks and noticed the interested views, I realized that once again making people laugh. Insidious backpack cling when walking the skirt, gradually raising her up.

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The moral of this story is that one for a few seconds, the blushing lady made to smile at hundreds of people in its path,” shared the star.

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