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Olga Romanov was fascinated by bold new photos

Ольга Романовская очаровала новыми смелыми фотоThe ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” does not cease to please the male half of the fans of the seductive images.

Olga Romanovskaya put in a new Instagram photo, at first she showed her slender legs, while the second demonstrated the delicate waist and sophisticated mill. Both the snapshot instantly gained several thousand likes and lots of comments that Romanov subscribers are inundated with compliments.

The singer is currently in Geneva and shares his impressions: “this place hotel “Le Richmond”, began our life in Geneva, my love and affection for this city! All who know me well, don’t know how I mouth the pain in a certain part of the body, was able to settle down in this “boring” town. Only the fact of the matter is that this is not a boring place, and people have gotten used to being interactive, the party and its usual circle of friends so that you don’t know how to entertain themselves without it. Everything is there. It just new and different) Where ever you are, don’t wait until You have a celebration. Become this holiday for yourself!”.

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One of podeschi described the appearance of the singer in one sentence: “the Male part of the planet blown away, and the women nervously smokes on the sidelines!)”.

Ольга Романовская очаровала новыми смелыми фото

Ольга Романовская очаровала новыми смелыми фото

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