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Olga Orlova told why he agreed to live at the “House-2”


Recently Olga Orlova took the post of fourth presenter of the project “Dom-2”. Bold decision the singer caused a lot of criticism in own address. However, Orlova said with dignity the offenders: “In connection with a barrage of “advice” I received over the last couple of days about “how I need to live”, I want to tell you: let’s each of us do their work! My motto — “Be yourself and let others be others!”

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To quickly get started and experience for yourself what the “House-2”, the singer for three days lived in the “perimeter”. Olga lived in a women’s bedroom, she was eating, cleaning, doing household chores and discuss relevant topics with participants.


Olga admitted that it was difficult, but she was lucky because her very warmly welcomed and she almost immediately joined the team: “I Think before I got all nervous. Now I’ve managed to meet and make friends with all the guys. And I can tell them I am very comfortable”.

the frame of the edition of the show “Dom-2”

Orlov stated that in many respects the decision to live in a female-only room affected her obstinate character: “it So happened that I was told that if I lived on the perimeter, then it would have realized all about the life of Lomovtsev. You could say, took the dare. To me, weak is not worth taking, I can tell”.


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