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Olga Gorbachev showed how was her wedding

Ольга Горбачева показала, как прошла ее свадьбаThe singer decided to congratulate her husband with a calico wedding .

A year ago Olga Gorbachev and Yuri Nikitin played his second wedding. The celebration took place in the castle-Museum “Radomysl” and was held according to old traditions, surrounded by numerous guests of the couple.

On the day of wedding anniversary, Olga decided to congratulate her husband with a calico wedding and has created a unique wedding video. The artist decided to show the fans the most intimate moments of celebration.

“We wanted to go through all the stages of marriage preparation, which we lack in the modern tradition, but which for centuries helped to prepare our women for marriage physically and spiritually. I was faced with the criticism that all these rites are allowed to do only virtuous girls, not the mother of two daughters. But if you do not speak only about the body, all energy training we completely absent, and I wanted to fill it in. It is because we are bringing the relationship to physiology, we are unprepared for the challenges of the pair. All ceremonies metaphysically meant death as the unconscious girls and birth as a conscious wives and women. And I’m happy to have managed all these steps, albeit belatedly, to go with a man who really was a first for me. The amount of energy I got from kind of in the process of the wedding ritual, it is impossible to get through everyday family conversations about life, school and food”, – says Olga.

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