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Olga Cybulski was criticized for a “sharp tongue”

Олю Цибульскую раскритиковали за «острый язык»Ukrainian singer and TV presenter in one person came under a barrage of criticism.

Fans of Olga Cybulski was angry at her for the way she criticizes the show “Dances with stars z”. The first four live review singing the most leading Instagram was perceived by the public on “HURRAH”, but today the subscribers of the actress protested in earnest.

Cybulski wrote the following: “Dancing! Yuriy Tkach was perfect! It with such ease and drive lit his pleasure that I am waiting for him in the new air. Sergey Babkin on the heels is much more plastic Kamaliya without them, but! Judging by her response to the question: “Who needs to fly?” – she still venasca, though, and with the grace of a sumo wrestlers . Umnichka ! Cried a lot and from the heart. The husband was obliged to comfort the new necklace and victory in the European song chats. Mosquitoes, as the husband the trucker. Ride around the world, and tired, and snaps at those who are close. The impression that he was ready with his fists to throw. And the Pit… maybe a Batman to respond. Straight forward as Klitschko returns to the ring. I haven’t watched Game of Thrones. Looking to just dance Eugene the Cat and Nadia Dorofeeva, which turned gray. And this is natural. To insert the “Dancing” between the tightly pocketed schedule of group “Time and Glass”, this is to push the Bob virastuk in the costume of Vladimir Zelensky. In 2005, Michael Poplawski left the big stage. And in 2006 the country was plastered with the announcement of the new tour of the rector, “I Psov dwellers powernotes”. And Polyakov. Back! So in a luxurious red dress sitting on the throne, sing about the LITTLE! In the next broadcast will take off or one who has sold out concerts until the end of October, or ……???”.

In response, she received a lot of comments with criticism from his own followers who did not like how badly she levelled at their colleagues. “opinion of you has changed for the worse…”, “Olga Mabuchi hotle duzhe get on this project, and I not requested!!!”, “It seems, TSE vzhe zanadto! Need mother povagu!”, “Olga, You probably have nothing to do in the evenings, so you decided to become a critic, but you are not a dancer, not a choreographer!”, – this was the reaction of followers of the singer on her criticism of “Dancing with the stars.” It is noteworthy that about Natalia Mogilev Olga is not written a word.

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