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Olga Buzova admitted that he is not going to get married

Divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov regularly acquires new details: it seems that everyone has a chance to Express their opinion on this subject, and in the cabinets does not have any skeletons.

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However, hot topic continues to haunt former spouses. In a recent interview with Woman’s Day star candidly told how now made up her life: “I don’t want to talk about the past, I live in the present and look to the future. Now I’m one hundred percent are given only work. Early for me in the first place was the relationship, always put the priority of love. Now this place has taken the creativity. I sing, play in theatre, leading “House-2″ and also read a lot, dance, be engaged in health. At the end of last year was in the hospital with overvoltage. I never thought that with me such can happen, but I just went and fainted. My body couldn’t handle the stress and gave such a reaction. If it ever happens again, we have now to take care of yourself: follow the diet, lead a good lifestyle. It is very important”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Admitted as Olga before she’s ready for a new relationship and to hear wants nothing of a possible second marriage: “of Course, I was the most difficult to get used to waking up alone. It seemed that one will always be there. Although… I Wake up not quite alone. Don’t you know? His name is… or rather, them: Eva, Chelsea and lively. Now I have three dogs — girlfriend Julia Samedova decided that since I have no husband, for giving me another miracle in feathers. Laughter laughter, of course, but dogs really brightens my stay in the apartment. You come home and these miracle see you, wag their tail, they love me so much! And the only thing they need to answer to you scratch them behind the ear. They’ll never betray, do not be deceived. It’s such an outlet for me. I certainly don’t want to be a woman in 50 years to be surrounded by 50 dogs, but now I love nobody. I can’t lose this feeling live, be it man, animal, mother. I need this feeling to give and to receive. Probably, every girl thinks that her love is the most powerful, and the pain is the worst, but when I found myself in a divorce situation, you know how many girls and women wrote to me and told their stories. I was just in shock! Strangers were kinder and more attentive to me to me than those whom I considered family. I’ve shed tears along with them! I thought I bad. In General, this year I want to stop crying. And I want his song “get Used” to help all the girls find themselves in a similar situation. I want to give them strength and faith that all will be well. There are black and white stripes, it is impossible to be constantly happy like an idiot, that’s fine. And we girls are strong, the strongest. I realized God gives us trials. What happened, had to happen. You need to be able to accept the situation and move on. If I want to get married again, you ask me now. No! Today my answer is ‘no’.”

We will remind that recently the mother of Olga Buzova made his version of why family life her daughter did not happen.

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