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Olga Bartunkova responded harshly to fraudsters who are cashing in on her weight loss

Star of KVN and the sketch show “Once in Russia” Olga Bartunkova unrecognizable. 38-year-old actress lost weight and changed her hairstyle. In total she lost 60 pounds! - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Almost two years Bartunkova sitting on a strict diet and exercise. In the future, the artist plans to do surgery to remove stretch marks. Olga also noted that he was more likely to get compliments from men.

  • Olga.

  • Olga.

Incredible transformation Bartunkova decided to take advantage of the scammers. In the Internet there are many sites where on behalf of the artist advertised a variety of tools for weight loss.

Seeing one of these messages, Olga snapped. The star wrote in an angry Instagram post in which he denounced the speculators and said that will not allow them to poison people in her name.

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“So firm — Smyrna. You a fraction of a second can not imagine how difficult it is to achieve success, take the stairs, fall to rise to fall to rise, earn credibility, not to lie and for the truth to get in the face, and not continue to lie, and again to the face, to raise an army and try to find the words to the spirit to make them stronger, and looking at them to rejoice, and not to break itself… so here is a little about myself. 38 eat like a pig, not bothered what, and how, to pick up a bunch of sores, losing multiple views of men, jealous of pretty girls, hearing the taunts and causing even contempt from some, a lot of losing a dear and loved one… And you think you came into my life with their fucking (sorry) CP*tion powders, chocolates, Herbalife and some crap and stripped me of all problems and prevent different troubles? Shame my name, then to dishonor the name of my children, and for children, I can hurt, and hurt is hurt” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

“And if I don’t let God know that some of the people who you believe (so believe me, because it’s*contrib supposedly I advertise, and in result the result for me)… I will act through the law, and you the rest of your life will send gifts, and make my life a celebration. I have a rich imagination, I can figure out how to do it, believe me. Stop trying to poison people, lie, go to work, prove yourself, prove something, do not take a sin on soul, all in God’s hands… and if you are not smart enough for anything else, give yourself to science, to whom it is needed … cockroaches … you that’s who you are … no use, no conscience, no soul … p. s. My subscribers know who bought this crap, will beat. How to lose weight writing in the book, you want to wait, want to act and not waste time. Be proud of your victories”, — said Olga.

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