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Oleg Vinnik commented on the numerous jokes about him

Олег Винник прокомментировал многочисленные шутки о нем The contractor believes that if a joke is good, it is a sin not to laugh.

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik, who remembered how once saved his girl in the New year, admits that a lot of jokes about him were invented. In an interview Today.Lifestyle performer shared that over a good joke about yourself can laugh at himself.

The actor said, what a joke of himself in his most favorite. As it turned out, it belongs to a colleague of Oleg, the producer Potap.

“Once the captain made a joke about me very accurately, and once deposited in the memory. He said that if winnick stand in one place for longer than three minutes around him begin to build the stage (smiles). I really like balanced high-quality talented joke, which is the Foundation. When you realize that this is purely is with me. But many of them. Because often people are trying to make a joke, but have absolutely no clue what I’m an artist, not about what people. In General you can laugh and come to myself with irony,” admitted the singer.

Oleg Vinnik admitted that he and his team there is a chat in which they often laugh with jokes about the actor and discuss their. Apart from jokes, there are scandalous cases related to the fans of Oleg and which cause laughter.

So, once a fan of winnick escaped with his cardboard version in full growth. “I think it was at the Kiev concert in the Palace “Ukraine”. Later, during the tour in Kherson, we “stole” two life-size puppets. So this is not an isolated case,” added Oleg.

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