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Oleg Kozhin – in the short list of the contest “Kniguru”!

A week ago we reported that the story of Oleg Kozhin “summer Dragon” broke the long list of “Kniguru” is the largest in our country, competition for the best literary work for children and youth. To get in the Top 30 out of 700 applicants – this will agree, is cool. Especially with horror.

Today on the website of the competition published the short list. The number of contenders was reduced to 15. And Kozhin continues to struggle with this year.

The shortlist in full:

  • Karetnikova Ekaterina, Saint-Petersburg. The “white magpie”.
  • Oleg Kozhin, Petrozavodsk. “Dragon-summer”
  • Asya Kravchenko, Moscow. “Girls from good families”
  • Lanovenko Victor, Sevastopol. “Cosmonaut”
  • Lederman Victoria, Samara. “The theory of strange phenomena”
  • Lucas Olga, Saint-Petersburg. “Method of princesses”
  • Artem Lyakhovich, Kiev. “Blue tram”
  • Evgenia Ovchinnikova, St.-Petersburg. “Magic Zero”
  • Serafima Orlova, Omsk. “Head-tin”.
  • Ponornitsa ILGA, Cheboksary. “Sasha is a scientist and Dimka the hooligan”
  • Ponornitsa ILGA, Cheboksary. Arts
  • Larisa Romanovskaya, Moscow. “Blind chicken”
  • Savushkina Natalia, Moscow. “The cap of invisibility”
  • Veronika Sevostyanova, St. Petersburg. “The adventures of Alice and her friends”
  • Sokovnina Elena, Riga. “Power pizza”

Now, in the case involving judges – children and adolescents. Yes, you can choose the winners will be the target audience. Very soon lyrics-finalists will be posted for viewing on the competition website and evaluate them, anyone can. And if this wish from 10 to 16 years, they can register as members of the jury and help determine the best.

On this occasion, we got an exclusive review of Oleg Kozhin. A word to the author:

I don’t know why, but want to delete this chart I was sure from the beginning. So much so that not even checked the contest page. About the hit in long and then short-sheet, learned from colleagues, friends and acquaintances.
He was nominated with the support of the publishing house “Eksmo”. Publishing, in particular, gave permission to publish the story on the website “Kniguru” (it is a prerequisite for all short-listikov), so who wanted to get acquainted with the story “summer Dragon”, but tucked the money in the “Big book of horror 75”, you will be able to do it in a short time, completely free of charge without registration and SMS)))
Of course, kick this motivates to develop further in this direction. I already wanted to go back to the street Pushkin, to write a few novels with the same characters, and now will probably make it even faster.
The presence of horror in teenage literature is not considered unusual. Remember yourself in those years. At twelve I discovered king, and at sixteen already had an impressive library of horror and science fiction. Teenage experiences sharper and brighter. Not without reason the books read at a young age, so stick in the memory, regardless of its literary qualities. Besides, the jury is not the first year works Shamil Idiatullin, no stranger to boyish horror.

Well, we wish good luck to Oleg. Will wait for the outcome of the competition and root for horror.

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