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Old Addons for World of Warcraft steel free

Now to play the latest version of the MMO, the user needs to subscribe to.

Previously, for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vast world of World of Warcraft had to purchase a set Battle Chest with the additions, and then to pay for a subscription. However, today everything has changed — Blizzard Entertainment introduced a new monetization system and never requests money for any old addon that is certainly more attractive to newcomers.

Now to play the latest version of the MMO, the user needs to subscribe to. By doing this, gamers will get access to all game content, including the current Legion. As for the future expansion, Battle for Azeroth, to pay for it still have.

Along with this, today World of Warcraft servers have switched to version 8.0. Blizzard Entertainment released a major patch, preparing gamers to the new addition of “Battle for Azeroth”. His release was missing the division between PvP and PvE servers, all the artifacts lost his special power, changed the number of skills classes. Full list of changes can be read on this page.

In addition, Blizzard Entertainment recommends that you upgrade drivers for your graphics card because WoW got support DirectX 12. The developers said that the graphics solutions from AMD and Intel by default will move to DX12, while NVIDIA drivers will continue to use DX11, but in the future they can be updated.

In honor of the impending release of the Battle for Azeroth, which will take place on August 14, the authors also announced the short films “images of war”. They tell about the lives of three iconic leaders of Azeroth — Sylvanas, Jaina and Azshara. Viewers will learn what turned the war heroines.

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