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Okhlobystin’s statement about Putin caused a burst of laughter

Заявление Охлобыстина о Путине вызвало взрыв хохотаAnother gem scandalous actor.

Odious Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin is governed not only by Russia but also the world.

This statement he made in the air channel Constantinople.

“If you rule Russia, then you rule, in fact, the world. And it will always be so. Everything in the world today “is happening with an eye on us,” no decision is made without the participation in one way or another of Vladimir Putin”, – he said.

According to the actor, Putin “for Russia the mother tear”.

Okhlobystin admitted that his “internal opposition” to Putin, which was a few years ago, had disappeared. According to him, then he had the impression that the “Russian people, was never presented.”

Now, according to him, he realized that “the Russian finally someone submitted”, and “now for Putin not ashamed”.

“That’s really not a shame. Acting man, an adult. He has all the necessary tools. Sport, adult, smart, ex-military, knows how to wear a suit, speaks a foreign language. For Russian ideal in General”, – said the actor.

The network succinctly described a fiery speech Okhlobystin.

Заявление Охлобыстина о Путине вызвало взрыв хохота

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