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Oh, those evil Christmas “Elves”!

This film looks like a sequel of the youth horror film “Truth or dare”, and called as the remake of the horror of the Christmas 1989 issue, but really is neither one nor the other.

In the network appeared the first images from the horror movie “Elves” (Elves), the Director who acts as a Jamal Beardenand producers – Justin Price and his companion by the name of… Ku. Joking aside, this man’s name is actually, if you believe IMDB. On the level that we expect work, can be seen in the filmography of these two men who, they say, “and SNEC, and Shvets, and on dude igrets”: they are producing, directing, writing scripts, and acting, in General undertake any work. Among the notable projects naiboee couple – movies “13th Friday”, released in 2017 and no doubt on a wave of hype on the part of the news about the possible creation of a new “Friday the 13th”, horror and mystical “Order of 3D” (2012) featuring Danny Trejo and Eric Roberts. The last two old age are removed all in a row, which is also a kind of indicator.

However, even Trejo or Roberts separately budget “Elves” is not enough. Apparently, all the money went in the purchase of a special effect used in the movie “Truth or dare” (and not only there) – remember these karpovye smirk?..

It is unclear how this effect is used in the story, because it is not about demons, and about the Christmas elves… Well, let’s wait and see: the world premiere of “Elf” is expected in November this year, and according to some sources even earlier, in October. Hence, the trailer is not far off…

When a group of friends before Christmas discovers ancient elves trapped in the cursed chest, unknowingly opening the gates to evil in our world.

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