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Offshore on the island of Russian was the first resident

В офшоре на острове Русский зарегистрирован первый резидент

The special administrative region (SAR) on the island Russian in Primorski Krai was the first resident. RIA has Novostiall the head of the Corporation of development of the Far East (CRD) Denis Tikhonov.

“The first resident of the special administrative region in the Primorsky territory was formerly under the jurisdiction of the Cypriot company “Vinvin holdings”,” — said Tikhonov.

This company is the main shareholder of Bank “East”. Tikhonov said that the first resident of the SAR was held during the Eastern economic forum. In exchange for the status of a foreign investor has committed itself — within six months to invest in the island not less than 50 million rubles.

The law on creation in Russia of two offshore areas in the Islands of the Russian Primorsky Krai and October in the Kaliningrad region was adopted by the state Duma on July 26. To become residents of the SAR can only be registered abroad, the company established no later than 1 January 2018.

They will receive tax benefits, in particular zero tax rate on profits from asset sales and dividends received, as well as reduced rate of 5% on dividends paid. In addition, they will be able to maintain the confidentiality of their data, access to which will receive only the Russian authorities and the court.

Residents will have to invest in the Russian economy at least 50 million rubles for six months from the date of registration. Among other requirements — registration in countries that adhere to the rules of the group of development of financial measures for combating money laundering (FATF) or a tenure Committee of experts of the Council of Europe on the evaluation of anti-money laundering measures (MONEYVAL).

Of its intention to register in Kaliningrad ATS has already declared it sanctioned Rusal Oleg Deripaska and En+ Holding, which manages energy assets.

The offshore project has been developed Ministry of economic development as a measure of support fell under US sanctions Russian oligarchs. I should add that the island of Oktyabrsky in Kaliningrad until recently did not officially exist. This is a historic district in the city centre. On September 12 the city Council of Kaliningrad have eliminated misunderstanding and the area received the official name “Island of October”.

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