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Officials living on our money, we finally got off the ground

Чиновники, живущие на наши деньги, окончательно оторвались от земли

What a shame. The Ministry decided to take away from families the already shamefully small attendance allowance for the child.

“If during the period of the insured person on a part-time child care provides other person the right of the insured person for the monthly allowance for child care stops.”

Translating into Russian: if the child’s parents remain in partial employment during the period of care, then any money they will not give. Trying to survive is now, according to the Ministry of labor, “abuse the right”.

I could not agree with the opinion of the member of the HRC Catherine Shulman: “How they, the parasites, the cursor turned to write about families as I can through this most difficult time — the first half year of life with a child”. And that is very soft a word.

The head of the Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin I want to remind you that the Constitution called Russia a “social state”. So, all the efforts of officials should be directed on simplification of life of people, creation for them comfortable conditions to their support. Therefore, to talk about “abuse of the right” considering how much time is “parent enough” to care — a direct violation of the Constitution.

The state is no longer a reason to save, but to select those 10-20 thousand families? With billions of dollars as incentives to large companies are distributed to the right and the left? Now we’re talking not even about complex issues such as tax scale. Everything here is crystal clear: fat officials are living on our money, we finally got off the ground. Their next step will probably be the Council of 20 million Russians who have not enough money for bread, eat cake?

Children’s allowance should increase — this time. Officials offering to take it, should be fired: let’s remember what it’s like to make ends meet, is two. Three — I am ashamed of the fact that such “deals” are from the government. However, from this body controlled by the “United Russia” nothing more to expect and not.

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