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Officially: “the Curse of the nuns” – the most successful film series of “the Spell”

Despite not the highest ratings (a 5.7 on IMDb, a 5.9 on IMDb) spin-off of “the Curse of the nuns” (The Nun) just fine playing in the world cinema and at the end of last weekend officially became the highest GROSSING film in movie-universe , the Conjuring.

“The curse of the nuns” has grossed over 41 countries (including in Russia) more than any of the previous parts of this series, and in 12 countries and became the highest grossing horror film of all time.

Outstanding for a genre film performance, however, is typical for the whole series. Only one film, the first “Annabel”, gathered in the world at least 300 million dollars, but, characteristically, this picture was the smallest budget of only 6.5 million.

In General, the top collection for this movie-the universe looks like this:

Movie-universe, the Conjuring – top at the box office:

1. The curse of the nuns (The Nun, 2018) – budget of 22 million $ – fees 330,01 million $*

2. The conjuring 2 (The Conjuring 2, 2016) budget of 40 million $ – fees 320,39 million $

3. The conjuring (The Conjuring, 2013) – budget $20 million – fees of 318.00 million $

4. The curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil (Annabelle: Creation, 2017) – budget 15 million $ – fees 306,51 million $

5. The curse of Annabelle (Annabelle, 2014) – the budget of 6.5 million $ – fees 256,87 million $

*rent continues

Total, get, movies movie-universe “Curse” has collected a total of more than half a billion dollars with a total budget of 103 million and a half dollars. And, judging by the success of “the curse of the nuns”, it is not the limit. Now, if you ever need to find a synonym for the concept “gold mine” – can safely speak, “Curse”!

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