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OFFICIALLY: “the Curse of La Irony” will be released in 2019

We’ve heard that the project, known before under the name “Kids” can change the titulnik. But that was the rumor among the. And now it’s official! - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The public presented a short video, announced the premiere date and official title of this film-whose full name now reads: “The Curse of La Llorana”. How it will be translated into Russian in localization – we can only guess. But the most correct and logical option is the “Curse of La Irony” because the movie is dedicated to La Llorona. The word itself is of Spanish origin and should be pronounced that way, not “La Llorana” or something else. La Llorona – “the weeping woman” or “weeper”, a famous character of folklore of Latin America, Ghost mothers mourning their dead children.

The plot of the film

A social worker tries to understand the mysterious disappearance of two children, and eventually discovers that her own family may also be jeopardized.

Previously, we elicited and a more detailed synopsis:

A widow, working in the service of social protection, raising two children in Los Angeles in 1973. While scanning one of the cases related to her work, she finds signs of fraud. When she starts to go into it, and finds striking similarities with frightening supernatural phenomena that plague her own family. With the support of the local priest, she learns that an evil spirit known as La Llorona, Weeping Woman, wants to take her children.

The producers of the film, James Wang and Gary Doberman, whom we know primarily as the people involved in the franchise, “Curse”, but earlier it was said that this new project with the movie universe of “the conjuring” is not bound.

“The curse of La Irony” will be a feature debut for Director Michael Chavez, whose short film “a virgin” at the time did nama is noise, and was warmly received by audiences and, as we see, producers.

Well, the world premiere is scheduled for 19 April 2019.

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