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Official teaser of the TV series “castle Rock” by Stephen king!

We all love the old days of Stephen king and watch closely for the film adaptations of his works. This year, the lack of them is not observed, although not all of them turned out good. However, 2017 is slowly coming to an end, and there looms on the horizon of 2018?

Perhaps the most interesting project of the nearest future is seen the “castle Rock” (Castle Rock) from J. J. Abrams. The name of this town is familiar to all loyal fans of the King of Terrors, and therefore the expectations are very high. The show is created for the service Hulu, the first season will feature ten episodes.

The series will be an anthology, so every season will unfold its own story with its characters. Since the place of action remain the same city, then these stories, as well as actors will be interesting to overlap and intersect with each other. According to the creators of the show, “castle Rock” tells of the heroes and themes of the different stories of king relevant to this city.

We have already seen one cute teaser. And though nothing in it really showed, but managed to intrigue-happy titles of favorite works of king, which should be reflected in the story. And now in the clutches of a Zone of Horrors new video – frames, with characters, locations!

Teaser is very nice, here is a good picture, and the atmosphere and flare of recognition. And yet there shone almost all the previously announced actors. Bill Skarsgard and does seem to have landed in “Shawshank”. Something cool is coming, in short.

The series premiere is expected in 2018.

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