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Official: Jordan Peele will take the “Twilight zone”

In early November, the information appeared about the fact that we are waiting for the restart of the Twilight zone, and produce the show will be none other than the Creator of the acclaimed Thriller “Off”. However, at that time, talks with CBS have not yet been completed, so that the announcement could not be confirmed. Fortunately, all went well, and now we have a new, official details of this project.

CBS Television Studios join forces with companies Monkeypaw Productions and Genre Films, which belong to Jordan and Saw Simon Kinberg respectively. Last known as a screenwriter and producer, is actively working with the franchise “X-Men”. And they will both act as Executive producers of the revived “Twilight zone”. Previously it was stated that the post of show-run can take Marco Ramirez, a writer for the series “Daredevil”. However, while all three names are listed on an equal footing. In addition, the production company will be included Audrey Chun (“Changeling”) and Wines Rosenfeld (“Darknet”).

Here is what Jordan Peele about the project:

Too often this year there was a feeling that we were in the Twilight zone, and I can’t think of a more perfect time to re-imagine its contemporary audience.

In case you forgot or were born too late to even know of the cult show “the twilight zone” (The Twilight Zone) was released in 1959, having gone through five seasons, two more late comeback and one full-length incarnation. Episodes in the series are not connected with each other, presenting to the viewer a variety of subjects, which are tightly interwoven genres of fantasy, sci-Fi and horror. Oh, and about the brand “here-it-turns” in the final don’t forget.

“The twilight zone” will be revived on the streaming service CBS All Access. Date of this momentous event is not yet known.

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