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OFFICIAL: Andres Mosketti the movie “It. Part 2”

Not that we weren’t expecting that, but what about the second part of “It” were some rumours that the film has already withdrawn that the adult Beverly Marsh will play Jessica Chastain. And generally at first we Vkontakte, and then here on the website, there were comments from people who still were not aware that a new adaptation of the novel by Stephen king originally assumed not one but two parts. In the first, which we’ll see in September, we will tell the story of the confrontation of the children’s Club Losers with monster Pennywise. And in the second already grown-up Losers will try to finish It in his lair in Derry.

It’s officially confirmed by Andres, Moschetti. AITH quoted the Director (his recall, recently betrothed to uncheck the “Robotech”):

I’m going to do the second part [“It”] before doing anything else. “Robotech” to remove longer. We even have a script yet.

In the latest interview with Variety, Moscetti told even more:

We do this [shoot two films]. In January we most likely will already have the script for the second part. Ideally, we will start preparing for shooting in March. The first part talks only about children. Part two of the story about the same characters, but grown-up, thirty years later. With flashbacks to 1989, when they were children.

It is written really gives us the opportunity to suggest that “It. Part 2” will be released likely in the summer of 2019. If shooting, God willing, will start in the spring and summer of 2018, the whole process of post-production and definitely will not allow to release the picture in the rental earlier of 2019.

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In the same interview, Mucchetti confirmed that monsters, the image of which It takes (in addition to Pennywise) in the film will be very different from those monsters, masks which creature was used in the book by Stephen king.

[Stephen king] tweeted about “It” and wrote that the film exceeded all his expectations. After that, we began to exchange letters via email, because I was in awe of his reaction. In the first letter, I asked his blessings and asked you to forgive me for what I make changes [in the movie compared to the book]. The story itself remains the same, but changed things that frighten children. In the book they were children of the 1950s, frightened monsters of the movies of those years, there was the wolf Man, the Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula.
I had a different approach. I wanted to identify more deep-seated fears that are based not only on movie monsters, but also on children’s psychological traumas.

Given that the duration of the first part of the new “It” are not the fifties and the eighties, I would not be surprised if in the movie It will take the image of, say, Freddy Krueger – especially since that Studio New Line is both “It” and the film series “a Nightmare on elm street”.

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