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Off the coast of the Crimea found the ship flooded in the First World

У берегов Крыма нашли корабль, затопленный в Первую МировуюThe crew of the mine layer of the Rod itself sank the ship, not to surrender to the enemy.

Off the coast of Sevastopol have established the exact location of the Russian mine-layer Prut, whose crew during the first world war, sank the ship, not to give up the German-Turkish cruiser Goeben.

In the First world war, Turkey stood against Russia on the German side, the German cruisers Goeben and Breslau under the Turkish flag at the end of 1914 came to Sevastopol and fired the city.

At the same time Goeben was confronted with the Rod, and then on 29 October 1914 the battle ensued, said expedition member, senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies Victor Lebedinsky. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

German cruiser far superior to Rod size, armor and armament (150-millimeter guns against the 47-mm guns).

“It was one of the cruisers and raiders, which could act without the squadron. The result Goeben ordered the crew of the Prut, to surrender, in response minelayer began to shoot and trying to go to Sevastopol,” – said the source.

Realizing that escape from the German cruiser and two Turkish destroyers will not be able, seamen damaged during the battle of the ship opened the valves and blew the bottom to flood it and not surrender to the enemy.

Part of the crew managed to land on the boat, but around 50 people were killed, including the ship’s priest, father Anthony. The priest lost his place in the lifeboat sailor, and remained on the sinking ship, said Lebedinsky.

The wreck is at a depth of 108 meters, the expedition plans to raise the exhibits from the ship to be placed in the Museum of the black sea fleet in Sevastopol, and the place of death of the ship to give the status of military burial and subsequent registration.

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