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Off the coast of the Crimea found a graveyard of shipwrecks

У побережья Крыма нашли кладбище затонувших кораблейAmong the finds there are British ships could remain treasures.

Off the coast of Yalta in the Crimea, during the reconstruction of the embankment to them. Tereshkova, archaeologists have found five of the ancient ships of the 18th century.

This news today, Wednesday 7 December, representatives of the media.

Experts from the Crimea, the works on the combination of cards found of ships with maps of the pre-revolutionary period. In the course of research it became clear that this place was located one of the largest marinas of the Russian society of shipping and trade in the Black sea.

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This society was the largest shipping company in the second half of the nineteenth century. Found on the three ships found the emblem of the British crown, it is therefore assumed that they could belong to the UK.

Findings will be transferred to the Museum of underwater archaeology. This is not the first time a historical treasure was found during excavations of the Crimean archaeologists. In 2015 in Kerch Bay was excavated jugs and amphorae, Dating from the beginning of the V century BC.

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