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Off the coast of California was caught in the ocean a mysterious creature

У берегов Калифорнии выловили в океане загадочное существоScientists are once again exploring the mysterious tadpole.

Oceanographers have discovered off the coast of California, a mysterious creature that looks like a luminous toy-spring.

As the scientists, the last time a similar creature was spotted in the Pacific ocean a century ago. The researchers ‘ findings were published in a paper in the journal Marine Biodiversity Records.

Discovered creature is Bathochordaeus charon, a mysterious kind of appendicularia described more than a century ago. Appendicularia look like miniature tadpoles, their sizes usually do not exceed several millimeters. They live in a kind of soft “shells” through which chased the water, cleaning it of plankton and other edible additives.

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In 1899, the German biologist Carl Chun, studying the flora and fauna of the South Atlantic, found in ocean waters unusually large appendicularia. Its bizarre appearance has led scientist to the conclusion that this is a rare deep-sea organism. For this reason Jung called being Bathochordaeus charon, after Charon, the character from Greek mythology who transported the souls of the dead across the river Styx.

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Further searches have not crowned success. Over the last hundred years scientists have been unable to find a single representative Bathochordaeus charon. Now the researchers have discovered an unusual creature, a DNA test which showed that it is Bathochordaeus charon.

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