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Of the assets of “Gazprom” missing the owner for laying the “Nord stream-2”

Из активов «Газпрома» пропала компания-владелец трубоукладчика для «Северного потока-2»

In the new list of affiliated companies “Gazprom” is not the company owning the vessel-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky”, RBC reports.

According to the publication, in the same list the company “the Samara thermal power property Fund” (STIF) was identified as belonging to the companies “Gazprom Teploenergo” and “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Samara”. The lack of Fund in the new list can mean something that “Gazprom” is no longer its owner, and that company used the right to conceal the Fund from the affiliated persons list due to the threat of sanctions.

The ship “Akademik Chersky”, which is able to build the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, is currently worth in the port of Mukran in Germany on the basis of the logistics pipeline. Nord Stream 2 is to finish 6% of the pipeline, however, this is complicated by the sanctions imposed by the US.


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