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Of the 68 received state support of Russian films a year has paid off only 8

Из 68 получивших господдержку российских фильмов за год окупились только 8

The result of the recent 11 months of the 68 Russian films supported by the state, only eight were off in the car, calculated by RBC based on the data of the Unified Federal automated information system of information about films in cinemas (UAIS). Last year proved to be commercially successful nine paintings of the 54 with state support, that is every sixth.

Most revenue brought war drama “T-34” which has grossed 2.3 billion rubles. The production of the picture was spent 443,8 million rubles, and another 120 million it received free of charge from the cinema Fund. For her hire during the new year holidays has moved premieres of foreign films. In the end, “T-34” won third place at the box office among all released in 2019 films after the remake of “the Lion King” and the blockbuster “the Avengers: Finale”.

According to RBC, also off the movie “Grandma easy virtue – 2”, “Billion”, “Mistress”, “Sober driver”, “let’s get a divorce”, “Loyalty” and “the Balkan frontier.” For the sake of “Billion” with Vladimir Mashkov Russian premiere of the final part of “the Avengers” has been shifted to a later date in relation to the world premiere, which angered cinema chains and viewers. “Vedomosti” wrote that the transfer insisted the Ministry of culture to provide a lot of cash “Billion”. The office is categorically denied.

The most unprofitable for the year became the most expensive Russian-Chinese and one of the most expensive domestic films “the Mystery of the seal of the dragon.” Total production was spent 2.3 billion rubles, of which 90 million rubles was allocated by the cinema Fund. In the Russian hire the picture managed to earn only 333,5 million rubles, although the producers were counting on two billion.

In August, before the film flopped, “Russian film group” (RFG), which was financing “the seal of the dragon”, has filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court, demanding to recover 216.6 million rubles with China Film Group and starring in the film by actors Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The essence of the claims was that the acknowledged bankruptcy of RFG may not receive the income from the film.

For the commercial success of the film need to collect the rent twice as much money than was spent for it. Business analyst Sergei Lavrov in an interview with RBC named abnormal a situation in which 10 have received the state support of films successful is only one. In his opinion, failure results in the system of state support, which a commercial organization is not required to repay the subsidy.

The Director of the research company “Kinoexpert” Oleg Ivanov, by contrast, argues that such a correlation failed and successful films – it is common for the film industry, including Hollywood: it is assumed that a successful film will pay for the other nine failed.

Earlier, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, answering the question about the failures of Russian films, said that “in General, over the last five or six years thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of culture, cinema Fund and the government has seen a spurt in support of domestic cinema”. However, Medina is dissatisfied with the film Foundation promoting Russian films abroad. In mid-November, he drew attention to the fact that the Fund is unable to cope even with the promotion of cinema in small towns.


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