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Of our galaxy trying to escape 6 stars – scientists

Из нашей галактики пытаются «сбежать» 6 звезд, – ученыеThe satellite Gaia opened six stars, “fleeing” from our galaxy.

European satellite Gaia in the interaction with the artificial intelligence found 6 superfast stars receding from the milky Way. This was announced by scientists at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands).

Hyperspeed star was found for the first time in the early 2000-ies. They developed a speed of 500 km per second relative to the center of the milky Way, which is enough to get out from under the influence of gravity of the galaxy. 2 years ago scientists have found a star S 708, which is the fastest “normal” star (its speed is 1200 km / sec).

One of the objectives of the satellite Gaia, which was released into space in December 2013, was the search ultra-fast stars. Their finding was also created artificial intelligence that automatically analyzes images of stars and the speed of their movement.

With this equipment, scientists were able to detect hyperspeed 6 stars. They move relatively slowly – only one star at speeds over 500 km per sec, and the others move with indicators about 400 km / sec.

As a result, the opening number of the hyperspeed of light, known to scientists has almost doubled, which allowed the researchers to determine their overall pattern. All superfast stars have a relatively small mass not exceeding sun more than 4-5 times.

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