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Of a student enlisted in the army, assigning him a reprieve for the school. A review of the Military Collegium of advocates

I graduated eleven classes, when I had just turned eighteen, but the army did not go, because he enrolled in the University. In this regard, I received a deferment from the army for training. Four years of bachelor passed quickly. I successfully defended diploma project and entered the full-time graduate Department at the same University.

When I’m in the beginning of the fall appeal brought in a military registration and enlistment office the inquiry about training, I was denied a reprieve. The representative of the military enlistment office referred to the fact that this is the third delay, so it’s time to give back to the Motherland and to serve in the army.

To say that I am surprised that this is the third postponement – not to say anything. On the question of when, in this case, was the first, and I got a reply. “In high school.” But in a piece of military records this record was not. I shared my concerns with the staff of the military, but I have to laugh. Told to come for a medical examination.

To lose a year and a place in the masters I was sorry, because it was a budget place. Moreover, I felt that I was deceiving – there was even talk in school deferment for teaching.

Acquaintances of the parents are very recommended to go to the Military Collegium of advocates. Reviews about their work with law enforcement in the military was very good. So I signed up for a consultation in GCA. Contacted me within 15 minutes. The phone told me that it is indeed a violation, but justice will succeed only through the courts.

Getting on the phone and a clear plan of action and list of necessary documents, I quickly prepared for a personal meeting with a lawyer. After signing all the necessary documents in the College, we advocate went to the recruiting office to write a statement in opposition to the appeal and the passage of medical examination.

From that moment began active preparations for the trial. Our goal was to appeal the decision of the military Commissioner to refuse the postponement of training in a magistracy in connection with the absence of a piece of military records records for deferment from the army for school.

The lawyer collected during my participation all the necessary documents, and found witnesses that confirmed that no delay at school. He also studied all the materials of the personal file, the entries in the leaf military account. On the basis of the information received, lawyer has made a claim and argued the violation of rights.

When he was appointed to the court of my presence there was not required. The attorney has represented my interests and kept me in the loop. The judge studied all the case materials, listened to the position of the representative of the military enlistment office and the arguments of my legal representative.

The judge took into account all the requirements and objections. The court satisfied the requirement to cancel the decision on conscription for military service a student in grad school, because not found official confirmation of a delay related to the school – there is no entry in the document, then there is no reason.

Your positive feedback on the work of the military Collegium of advocates I left and in social networks, and on the website, because to me there, and treated with respect, and with understanding, and undertook to work quickly. And, most importantly, the result was achieved, my right to a second postponement upheld. I, in General, not against the army, but higher education, in my opinion, and your hard-earned budget place – expensive fee for one year impact of the debt to the Motherland. And I’m for justice: if you have the right to defer, it is not fair fraudulently deprived.

Said Sergei Ivanov

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