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Odessa refuses hot water

Одесса откажется от горячего водоснабженияThis decision will save 34 million UAH.

In Odessa going to completely abandon the centralized supply of hot water. This is evidenced by the paragraph of the urban energy efficiency programme, which will consider at the session next Wednesday. Experts assure: it is beneficial to even those who still uses the service.

Rejection from the hot water will allow the city to save at least 34 million per year, predict the authors of the program. “Analysis of the Economics of the supply of hot water shows that each year the company-the supplier loses about 100 million UAH, that makes it supplies absolutely unprofitable”, — said in the draft. Now the hot water supply to the house only during the heating season, because it goes through the same pipe, and to maintain year-round operation of heating systems inefficient due to the large heat loss.

Officials estimate that of 404 000 subscribers KP “Heat supply of Odessa city” (TGO), which have access to this service, only 78 000 actually use it. Thus, the majority of them have no metering devices, which leads to even greater losses of the enterprise.

“In summer season, from mid-April to mid-October, people can not enjoy this service and install additional devices for heating. In addition, people refuse hot water, because it is very expensive”, — tells the Vice-the mayor Anatoly Orlovsky. The official stressed that the shutdown would occur gradually over several years, but the project is yet to be developed and further discussed with public organizations and experts.

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Note that, according to KP “Heat supply of Odessa city”, is now a cubic meter of hot water costs 70,26 UAH, if the apartment is not installed the towel rail, otherwise you have to pay 75,97 UAH, while “cube” cold costs 7.3 UAH.

Off the hot water is beneficial and those who still use it, experts say. “Now the rate includes the cost of fuel in a boiler, the salary of those who work there, depreciation expenses, vendor payment, whose tube is water, and the management company that maintains the boiler room, and many other items. To heat the water houses are much cheaper due to the reduction in the number of intermediaries,” — says the expert on energy management Vsevolod Grabowski, stating that install electric boilers in better homes with reliable electricity.

Residents of old buildings who have old wiring and “jumping” voltage, it is better to use gas water heaters. However, the water heaters now cost from 2500 UAH and above, and their installation, depending on the complexity of the work will cost 1000-2000 UAH. Will the additional electricity loads from electric water heaters, PJSC “Odessaoblenergo” is not yet considered. “Us energy efficiency program has not yet been discussed,” said the company.

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The rejection of the hot water is only part of a larger urban program aimed at optimizing the use of natural energy resources. In the framework of the plan to insulate the space budget organizations to install solar panels in kindergartens and health facilities, to modernize boiler plants MSW and to reconstruct their heating system.

In addition, the city wants 31.2 million UAH to build a solar power station upgrade and tram cars, which will reduce their consumption of electricity by 30%. For the implementation of all the plans the powers that be will take four years and 1.5 billion. Approximately half of the cost the city is willing to cover from his Treasury, and another 742 million UAH, which are necessary to implement the plan, plans to borrow.

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