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Odesa shocked by the cost of repairs to the Potemkin stairs

Одесситы в шоке от стоимости ремонта Потемкинской лестницы The restoration of the staircase was closed at the height of the tourist season in may last year.

Odessa complaining about the restoration of the Potemkin stairs. They say, the builders did not adhere to the technology. Local fear that one of the main attractions of the city can collapse. In the city Council assure that no violations were found.

Potemkinskaya ladder one of the main attractions of Odessa. For restoration it was closed in the height of the tourist season in may last year. For visitors ever since the ladder opened on three occasions: at the time of the festival, the independence Day of the country and in the city day. However, the debate around quality of repair works at the facility began only now.

The restoration of the stairs from the city Treasury has allocated nearly 15 million. 14 of them – the builders have already spent: spent waterproofing, replaced the water and electrocommunication and began to lay out the granite.

Citizens do not believe that the work was worth the money. Not satisfied with the quality of repair.

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“The state is not just awful, the state of poluraspredelenia, ranging from wild pit along the stairs, which they said was supposedly made for drainage and ending with icicles, and cracks in the arched passages,” complains Oleg Mikhailik, a resident of Odessa.

Concerned about the state of the monument and biologists. Under the stairs – there’s a leak of heating and piles of debris that can be ignited by any spark or even high temperature.

“Combustible trash… and when ignited it would have a serious traction and temperature would be up to 1000 degrees, of course, this could lead to a resolution supporting structures of the stairs,” says Vladislav Balinsky, biologist.

From the stairs, the restorers did not remove the snow, identified by biologists. When that melted, the water is sucked into the base of the construction shell. It can also lead to the destruction of the bottom of the stairs.

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The customer of the project – management of capital construction of the city Council. Here the quality of work is satisfied.

“Everything is controlled and everything is done by technology that is provided, is executed efficiently, what you need to do. Where a contractor is something a little broken, not cleaned in time snow cover, where some part of the water,” said Vasily Nikitenko, the chief engineer of management of capital construction.

The dampness of the arched galleries is not associated with the restoration, say the builders.

“It is not the moisture that has penetrated from the top, just inside the limestone during the long years of operation has accumulated a lot of water,” – says Vladimir Sukhanov, Director of the contractor.

To complete the repairs, the builders should be in April. But while the work is suspended – waiting for the warming. Meanwhile, the townspeople gather to apply to the Ministry of culture to supervise the repair of the Potemkin stairs.

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