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Octopuses have extraterrestrial origins – scientists

Осьминоги имеют внеземное происхождение, - ученыеScientists have found evidence of extraterrestrial origin octopus.

Scientists have found that octopuses are of extraterrestrial origin. This conclusion followed a detailed study of the creature’s DNA.

Studying octopuses took American scientists from the University of Chicago. They investigated the genome of benthonic animals and noted for its incredible difficulty level. Their DNA consists of 33,000 protein-coding genes, which is many times greater than their level in the human genome.

It should be noted that these figures also differ strikingly cephalopods from all other creatures on the planet. It turns out that according to the criteria of the structure of their DNA no one would be close to them genetically. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Such research results are the assumption of their extraterrestrial existence. Although at the moment no idea how they were able to be here.

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