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Nyusha had to reshoot the video for “love You” because of the “bases” of the Director

Photo: Alexey Rodin

Remove the clip for the song “love You” 26-year-old singer Nyusha beginning in January. The star shared striking photographs and told me that will appear in a new video in the image of the Chinese Princess headdress is handmade. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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Fans have been waiting for the premiere of the clip, but it turned out that in vain. It turned out that the video is not ready for a Director who was treated unfairly in the work. In the end, the clip had to be removed again.

“We hoped to the last that the Director will provide the material which we have agreed prior to filming. But, unfortunately, it has not fulfilled its obligations — the clip did not meet the originally agreed concept. In the end, we met with Ilya Funkformer and operator Sergey Prekrasnom, who promptly suggested new ideas and style for your video that I really liked,” — said Jane.

The singer promised that the video clip for her fans will be able to see after a couple of weeks. Judging by the shots from the set, the video promises to be spectacular.

Фото: Алексей Родин

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