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Nuts: benefits and harms to health

Орехи: польза и вред для здоровьяShould read more to understand how consumption of nuts affects our body.

One of the most amazing products – nuts – recently enjoying increased popularity.

Apparently, everyone finally realized that with this simple snack can pump many of the body’s ability to strengthen the immune system and even lose weight. But for the General euphoria no one thinks about the fact that certain properties of nuts can go in harm. At least it is more info to understand how the consumption of nuts affects our body and to clearly separate this effect on harmful and useful. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Interestingly, technically peanuts are a legume, but all have been accustomed to call him nuts. Like all legumes, the peanut contains abundant folic acid, which helps the brain to stay in good shape and to some extent protects you from the depressive effects. Folic acid often lacking in the vegetarian and pregnant, so for them, the peanut is the perfect solution.

Only 10 of these nuts contains 3 grams of protein and 20 grams of fat. And each contains 200 calories. In General, among all the nuts in the pecan, the lowest protein content with the highest fat content. But if you are on a diet, these nuts will be very useful. Just don’t eat them by the handful and watch the daily norm of calories.

Brazil nuts are a lot of mineral called selenium, which protects men from the risk of prostate cancer. To make some simple prevention is enough to eat just one Brazil nut a day. Remember not to overdo the dose should not excess selenium in the body can cause the risk of diabetes.

Almonds have more calcium than any other nuts, and it is very good for the overall health and ability to resist disease. Fiber and vitamin E – those substances, which are also rich in almonds. Antioxidants help fight internal inflammation and reduce the risk of developing certain forms of cancer.

Omega-s fatty acids, which are beneficial to the health of the heart and blood vessels, have almost all the nuts. But all things being equal walnuts also contain alpha-linoleic acid. It helps, for example, in case of arrhythmia. Walnuts help to clear blood vessels and reduce the intensity of oxidation processes.

Everyone who is in the process of weight loss is likely to count calories eaten. Perhaps they have to avoid nuts, because well-known their excess calories. But we must also be aware that this does not apply to cashews and pistachios. When caloric content is below average, they contain large amounts of protein and other nutrients, that help to overcome hunger and to cheer up.

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