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Nutritionists told why you should drink carrot juice every day

Диетологи рассказали, зачем нужно пить морковный фреш каждый деньIs in the freshly squeezed carrot juice contains many vitamins and essential minerals.

You need to start with the fact that the carrot is one of the most useful products, the challenges are not as expensive as healthy dishes. Fresh carrots have vitamins C, b, E, K, PP and many others, as well as iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iodine, essential oil, carotene, without which it is difficult to imagine a balanced diet.

Useful properties of carrot juice:

1. Improves vision and cares about the health of the eye. With the help of carrot juice can significantly improve the situation with myopia. Juice helps to cure conjunctivitis if used as liquid lotions. Consumption of this juice helps to protect the retina from damage.

2. Increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This drink can be used as a remedy against anemia. To heighten the effect it is mixed with beet and Apple juices.

3. Makes blood vessels, mucous membranes of internal organs and the skin more elastic. This property of carrot juice should not be underestimated, because thanks to him you can prevent lacerations during birth, and the appearance of stretch marks (striae) on your body because of pregnancy or obesity. Plus, juice cleanses the blood vessels and thereby improves the functioning of the vascular system.

4. Protects against cancer. Carrot juice is rich in the set of necessary substances that cleanse the body from heavy metals, toxins and free radicals, therefore, in cancer cells there is no chance of development.

5. Regenerates the liver and helps it to regenerate naturally. We all know that the affected cells of the liver die off each day, but they are replaced by new ones, which the body creates on their own. If the liver is not clear and overloading it with high-calorie food, carcinogenic fats, alcohol, and other not healthy food, then it ceases to regenerate, and carrot juice is able to restore liver function.

Because of the wide spectrum of useful properties of carrot juice nutritionists advise to drink it every day. Not necessarily to swallow liters of it, to maintain health and good body just enough 50-100 ml of juice a day.

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