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Nutritionists told me how to stop eating at night

Диетологи подсказали, как перестать есть по ночамNight snacking can become a habit.

It is no secret that many of us do not mind plump to eat before bed or even stand up and enough to eat in the middle of the night. But this addiction does not carry anything good, as the body does not have time to properly digest food before bedtime.

Regular night snacking often lead to the disruption of sleep and the copious junk food consumption, which in turn gradually undermine our health. Is it possible to overcome this unhealthy habit? More than!

The day is an important component!

In order to understand why so much want to eat before bedtime doesn’t hurt to observe your own daily routine. Often at night eating people used to skip daily meals and striving to limit the number of calories consumed. This approach leads to the fact that people all day just thinking about food, and as soon as night falls, he begins to have almost everything. Especially with adverse effects of skipping Breakfast.

To gradually wean itself from late-night snacking, it is important to try to plan your dinner in advance. Agree, often we eat for dinner that was cooked by us in haste, and after a couple of hours we were again beginning to overcome the feeling of hunger. And sometimes we can’t resist the desire to eat and while cooking dinner, which invariably entails the inability to eat the required amount of the main meals and the absorption of much larger amounts of junk food in the future. Without a doubt, closer to the night all this will certainly trigger the hunger.

Will not be superfluous to follow their lessons after dinner. Plump supper, we are almost always happy to be dressed in comfort clothes and laid comfortably on the couch to watch your favorite TV show or take with you on the bed the laptop and begin to actively surf the Internet. Certainly, relaxing after a hard day’s necessary for each person, so only at this time we are starting

Awareness of the difference between physical and emotional hunger

People do not always eat at night due to real hunger – sometimes we just urge to eat and because of the accumulated emotions. So in order to cope with this problem, it is important to try to understand how hunger overcomes – physical or emotional.

To distinguish emotional hunger from the physical is quite simple – while physical hunger builds gradually, emotional hunger is always appears very suddenly and unexpectedly. In addition, the person experiencing emotional hunger, not usually averse to eat something salty or sweet. Another way to distinguish physical hunger from emotional to pay attention to if there is enough amount of food consumed throughout the day. As a rule, people who adhere to diets involves significant calorie restriction or skipping meals, experiencing at night, it is the physical hunger. If they are fairly eaten much during the day, the hunger in most cases is emotional.

Control trigger hunger hormones

The perpetrators of the night of hunger is considered to be the following hormones: ghrelin, leptin, insulin, peptide YY and cortisol. It is their scarcity often leads to a night attack on the fridge favorite. How to control hunger arising from the deficiency of these hormones?

Ghrelin is conducive to control appetite hunger hormone. He tells the person about when you should eat. On fluctuations in the level of this hormone in the human body is largely affected by poor food and irregular meals accordingly to avoid deficiency in that case, if you eat food regularly and in sufficient quantities. Especially to help in maintaining the required level of ghrelin lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

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The main objective of the hormone called leptin is to inform the person that he fed. Fulfilling this task is greatly hampered by the consumption of processed foods, flour and sugar – the person simply ceases to understand it, ate it or not. It is the rejection of refined and sugary foods will help you not to overeat in the evenings and at night.

Insulin is an essential tool for processing sugar in the body. In that case, if people will systematically consume “empty” calories in the form of wheat or refined sugar, the insulin level in the blood will continue to increase. Of course, such jumps are temporary, and once people eat such foods, the insulin level drops, which in turn provokes feelings of hunger. In order to avoid surges in insulin and highly undesirable bouts of hunger, it is important to try as little as possible to eat pasta products made from wheat flour and sweets (especially in the evenings).

Peptide YY is a gut hormone that, as well as the above-mentioned leptin, helps a person to feel a sense of satiety. If the intestines will begin to get the calories obtained from junk food, this peptide will serve in the brain signal the need to eat again (even if in front of this man thoroughly sated). So you better not be lazy to eat one full dish, rather than constantly snacking on empty carbs and don’t benefit the candy.

As for the cortisol known as the stress hormone, he has no direct connection with the hunger that differentiates it from all the other hormones. However, sharp increases in the levels of cortisol lead to spikes of sugar and insulin in the blood. That is why stress often leads to overeating. To avoid such troubles does not hurt to minimize the amount of stress in daily life – the best assistants in this case will be meditation and exercise. If the cortisol level will remain unchanged, the feeling of hunger at night time can be forgotten!

The benefits of Breakfast

Many of us regularly refuse to Breakfast, which is a shame, as Breakfast is the real salvation from a night of overeating – a delicious and healthy Breakfast will not only give courage and strength for the whole day, but also help to avoid overeating late in the evening or night.

What is the secret? Moving the main volume absorbed during the day calories in the morning, the person invariably feels a sense of fullness both day and night. If you eat for Breakfast and lunch the main part of the calories planned daily menu, for dinner, the stomach will remain much less space.

The best Breakfast are fruits, whole grains and lean protein. Thus, the optimal amount of calories absorbed during Breakfast is about 350 calories. And people engaged in heavy physical labor or sports, it is permissible to increase their number.

An incredibly popular product, is readily consumed by many people during Breakfast are eggs. And it is, in principle, correct, because they are very rich in protein, allowing throughout the day to keep blood sugar at a constant level. The main thing – to try to cook eggs the most useful ways the most useful are eggs cooked in canola or olive oil is a great substitute butter or margarine. And, of course, not worth it generously to flavor such dishes salt!

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And for those who are completely indifferent to the eggs, it will not hurt to pay attention to the milk, low-fat cheese, nuts, and granola.

Revision of food and alternatives to harmful food

Another effective way to stop eating at night – to get rid of harmful products in the kitchen. If they will, as they say, “at hand”, to resist the temptation to eat them will be very difficult. What exactly should be removed? In order to answer this question, we need to establish what kind of food most readily used at night.

If the person feels emotional hunger, it is often tempting to eat something sweet or salty. To minimize harm from the use of such products, it is possible to replace such “harm” cooked in the oven with popcorn.

And in that case, if you just give up bad snacks you can not, you must start with a gradual reduction of their number. For example, you can buy cookies or chips with a caloric content of 100 calories or try to mix junk food with pleasure, dipped in a favorite chocolate cream juicy and vitamin-rich fruits sprinkled on oatmeal with brown sugar.

If not the healthy snacks were purchased for the upcoming visit of guests, it is important to try by all means to restrict access to these treats. It is usually sufficient to place them on the top shelf. It doesn’t help. Then you can try to freeze cookies and candy while they thaw, hungry night shift on a Sunny morning!

What else to pay attention?

To significantly reduce the risk of overeating at night will help foods with a low glycemic index, because these invaluable helpers for a long time give us a feeling of satiety. To boast a low glycemic-index foods such as pasta from whole wheat flour, celery, carrots, bran, various vegetables and fruits, low-fat yogurt, brown rice, peas and barley. A high glycemic index typical of pastries, sweets, tomatoes, rice, white bread and cereals.

And in order to hunger bothered at night as seldom as possible, you must regularly eat and drink throughout the day, trying to adhere to the principles of a balanced diet. It is not necessary to give preference to too much high-calorie drinks and all snacks throughout the day should be as useful – a small bowl of vegetables or fruit or handful of nuts is an excellent replacement for cake or biscuits!

If to do without evening and night meals does not succeed, it is important to take care in advance of making healthy snacks for the evening, for example, cut into a small Cup of vegetables and fruits that will be a great substitute for table sugar and empty carbohydrates.

And, of course, do not give up your favorite hobby: doing in the evenings is a wonderful and effective remedy for night eating!

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