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Nutritionists told me how to “reset” 4 kg per week

Диетологи подсказали, как "сбросить" 4 кг за неделюThe basis of the Scandinavian diet is a simple principle.

The principle of the Scandinavian diet is very simple – you don’t need to count calories or starve due to sound system.
The basis of the Scandinavian diet is a simple principle. During each meal you eat four servings, each of which must be the size of your fist.

In each meal you need to eat a portion of protein, portion of carbs and two servings of vegetables.

Calculate calories or grams is not necessary. Each serving should be so much food that it takes approximately the same volume as your fist. In addition to Breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks are allowed. As a second Breakfast and an afternoon snack you can choose, for example, Apple, Cup of yogurt, handful of nuts, banana.

Scandinavian diet does strict limits are permitted, for example, oil-fried dishes, but of course it is better to use more gentle methods of cooking that preserve the maximum benefit from the product. As a source of carbohydrates you can use pasta from durum, a variety cereal, whole grain bread. It is recommended to use more seasonal and local produce, as they have the most vitamins and other nutrients.

Because of strict restrictions in this diet, no, you can afford many products. Of course, it is desirable to limit fast food, meat products and sweets, especially drinks with sweet soda in the body quietly gets a huge amount of sugar. Therefore, if you want to drink a soda or eat a hamburger, don’t forget to measure them on the same principle.

The Scandinavian diet will not only lose weight but and keep it. It can be your constant companion on your way to a healthy diet and beautiful body.

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