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Nutritionists told me how to overcome addiction to candy

Диетологи рассказали, как преодолеть зависимость от сладкогоDoctors have proven that sugar is addictive like drug.

He subdues your brain, making you wanting more ice cream and chocolate. Want to cope with a sweet tooth for a month?..

This plan will help you gradually replace sugary foods useful proteins and fats. The goal is not to once and forever give up any sugar, but rather to bring the amount to the recommended by doctors rules – 6 teaspoons a day. It is possible that after completing the program your favorite cakes seem too sweet, and ripe strawberry or a watermelon is the ideal food for dessert.


Begin to gradually reduce the amount of sugar.

1. Plan your meals for the entire day – in this case, you don’t have to eat biscuits or drink packaged juice simply because you are very hungry, and nothing at hand.

2. You want sweet? Replace dessert with delicious food. Fats and protein should be incorporated into every meal, if you want to get rid of addiction to sweets. Fats will allow you natural pleasant satiety, and the protein stabilizes the level of glucose in the blood, and thus, the desire to eat a cake or candy after an hour lunch is not as strong. And don’t try to eat chicken breast and vegetable salad.

For example, homemade meatballs, salad with shrimp and a spoonful of mayonnaise or chicken in breadcrumbs – much better choice, as these dishes contain fats.

Also, don’t forget about green leafy vegetables, legumes, tofu, nuts – all these foods are rich in magnesium, and when this mineral is lacking, craving for sweets increases. The result of these changes, you will avoid sharp changes in the level of glucose in blood and at the same time will not feel hungry and miserable.

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Gradually wean from sugary drinks.

Sugary sodas and juices occupy the first place among the meals with added sugar. But nevertheless they are not able to meet the needs of the lover of desserts, so to limit yourself is not too difficult.

1. You like sweet coffee? Prepare your beverage with whole milk (perfect blend of protein and fat). Add cinnamon or vanilla to taste. Not sweet enough? First, try to reduce the usual amount of sugar by half, will reduce it by another half.

2. You can’t live without sugary drinks? Prepare soda mixed in equal proportions, mineral water with gas and juice. Each day decrease the amount of juice, replacing it with mineral water. Experiment with flavours – for example, try to mix 2-3 kinds of juice, add a slice of lemon, ginger or a little cinnamon.


Go to the right snacks.

1. You need to ensure that always has been healthy foods for snacking – then the need for harmful products will come to naught.

2. Follow the rule of “protein + fat” and for a snack, and in addition it is important to avoid processed products from flour (e.g., crackers, dry crackers). Simple carbohydrates affect the body the same as sugar, is quickly absorbed and emits glucose into the blood. When you give up simple carbohydrates, those areas of the brain which are responsible for sweet tooth, calm down.

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The right (and sweet) choice.

– Nuts with dark chocolate chunks.

– Natural yoghurt with cinnamon, nuts and berries.

– Apple chips with cinnamon (wash, slice thin, sprinkle with cinnamon, drizzle with olive oil and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 25 minutes).


Look for added sugar.

1. Study the composition of all the products that I buy in the store to detect added sugar. This technique will allow you to significantly reduce the usual consumption of sugar. For example, buy unsweetened cereals and eat them with milk and fruit. You are accustomed to buying prepared sauce for salads? Replace it with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. And how much sugar is in the grain bread that you usually buy? A good option – less than 2 g per piece.

2. Do not turn control over the amount of sweet in a constant stress. Some supporters of healthy nutrition, for example, only eat jam with fructose or low sugar content. If you eat a couple tablespoons of regular jam or jam, there is nothing to worry. It is impossible to get sick or gain 15 pounds from one candy or jam spoons.

3. Gradually you will begin to notice how sweet you can be pear or melon, nuts, yogurt and biscuit with chocolate chips. You can slowly, with pleasure to eat one and stay with it. Congratulations! Now you control the sugar, but he is not you.

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