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Nutritionists told me how much you need to sleep for effective weight loss

 Диетологи рассказали, сколько нужно спать для эффективного похуденияAll you need to know about sleep during weight loss.

It turns out that if you sleep for 7.5-8 hours, the hormones, “gluttony” and “stress” are not produced. The body during this time, time to relax and lose weight.

Sleep in fun and lose weight at the same time. As would be inconsistent not sounded this phrase, research specialists in the field of sleep proves that this is true. Scientists have found that there is a relationship between healthy sleep and weight loss. What are the factors associated with healthy sleep and weight loss? In the first place – enough sleep and rest is also production of hormones, and evaporation of water during sleep.

.The hormones leptin and ghrelin

Healthy sleep affects the level of hormones in the human body. Two hormones that play an important role in stimulating and suppressing appetite – leptin and ghrelin.

The hormone leptin is produced by fat cells in the body and is responsible for suppressing hunger. The leptin hormone is also called the “hormone of satiety”, because the secretion of this hormone reduces appetite. With a lack of leptin may develop a serious form of obesity.

The hormone ghrelin is produced in endocrine cells of the stomach, also called the “hormone of gluttony” because this hormone stimulates the appetite. Ghrelin is secreted in response to an attractive appearance and delicious smell of food.

Healthy body for normal functioning need 7.5 hours of sleep per day. Lack of sleep lowers levels of leptin in the blood. When a man is not getting enough sleep, as it should, increases the secretion of the hormone ghrelin, along with this increases the appetite and the person starts to eat more. When the body rested and slept, and in the blood prevails the leptin hormone, a person less hungry. Therefore, the weight is not only not increased, but rather the person loses weight.

Somatotropic hormone or growth hormone

During a night’s sleep, the pituitary gland (pituitary gland) secretes more growth hormones than during waking hours. Growth hormone stimulates the regeneration, reproduction and growth of cells in the human body. It is known that growth hormones are responsible for the formation of lean body mass. That’s why a high level of growth hormone increases metabolism (metabolism) in the human body. The higher the metabolism, the faster burning of energy by the human body, and it stimulates rapid weight loss.

Hormone cortisol

The hormone cortisol is also called the “stress hormone” because this hormone is produced during physical or psychological stress. For weight loss this hormone is not very good, because it stimulates the destruction of protein, fat accumulation, increased levels of glucose in the blood. The eight-hour night sleep reduces the cortisol level in the blood. If a person sleeps is not enough, the level of the hormone cortisol increases. Thus decreases metabolism, proteins are not recycled, but go into glucose. The more glucose in the human body, the more fat accumulates. So if a person tries to lose weight, it is necessary to ensure that the levels of the hormone cortisol in the blood remained as low as possible. Healthy sleep helps control cortisol and to lose weight.

Sufficient rest and recovery

Regular physical activity helps improve your fitness and lose weight. But during exercise the human body gets tired and the muscles get micro. Therefore after exercise the body needs time to recover. The best recovery occurs during sleep. When you sleep enough, the body remains exhausted after exercise. When you sleep enough, the body has time to rest, recover and become stronger.

The evaporation of water

The main change occurring in the night in the human body during sleep, depends on the amount of water in the body. Water, in fact – heavy liquid, for example, 1 liter of water weighs a kilogram. This means that when you drink 1 liter of water, then you immediately recover 1 kg. a Significant change in weight occurs rapidly due to the use of water.

During the night of sleep in the human body is 2 processes that contribute to the gradual evaporation of water from the body:

The first process: the breath (inhale-exhale). Each time you exhale evaporates some moisture, and the amount of water in the body decreases (in winter in sub-zero temperatures on the street is clearly visible exhaled moisture, in the summer the situation has not changed, just the process is not noticeable).

The second process: sweating. During the night water is released through the skin, in other words, a person sweats.

Throughout the night from the human body evaporates a lot of liquid. So during the day you should drink plenty of fluids – 1.5-2 l that had a lot to evaporate overnight.

It is important to remember

Also remember that at night, do not overeat, eat for dinner pizza beer is prohibited. The last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime. Before sleep you can eat low-fat yogurt or drink milk with a low percentage of fat. If you really want to eat, you can eat a few almond nuts, they lower the appetite, and that will be enough to help me sleep.

Healthy sleep is the main factor that helps to reduce weight. During sleep there is a decrease appetite, increases the metabolism, as the body rests and recovers. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle important three pillars – exercise, balanced diet and a healthy eight hours of sleep.

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