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Nutritionists told me how I “lose” 7 pounds in a week

Диетологи подсказали, как "сбросить" 7 кг за неделюExperts have called the most effective diet for weight loss.

Nutritionists believe that soup diet – the most effective for dieters. It should be attributed to the rigid low-calorie diet systems, it has proven its effectiveness in comparison with other ways of weight reduction.

Scientists at Oxford University conducted a study, it attracted 278 volunteers, dividing them into groups. Those volunteers who consumed no more than 810 calories a day for 24 weeks, much thinner. Their results were three times more efficient than that of volunteers, adhering to other diets. Scientists have included in low-calorie diet of soups, shakes and special snack bars. Low-calorie eating system allows you to lose throughout the year to 10.7 kg. the efficiency of the diets was determined many months after their termination. It was necessary to find out whether people gain the weight back. In addition, radical soup diet reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Previously it was thought that a radical slimming people then also quickly gaining weight. On the basis of the study, the doctors plan to implement sweeping plans to use a rigid diet based on soups and smoothies for diabetes.

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