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Nutritionists told me how I “lose” 10 pounds in a week

Диетологи подсказали, как "сбросить" 10 кг за неделюDoctors called the unique properties of the rice diet.

Competent rice diet can really work wonders even for those who have been desperate to see his shoes from under which hung over the belt of the belly.

Generally speaking, the doctors clearly speak out against any mono-diet. One product is not able to satisfy the body’s need for nutrients and useful elements. Rice mono-diet is considered to be among other most secure, because the rice helps to cleanse the body (in other words, it has a laxative effect). And yet, more than 7 days on a rice porridge is not necessary to sit, otherwise, instead of improvement we get a bunch of unpleasant side effects.

Model think rice is manna from heaven. The product is low in calories (110 kcal per 100 grams) and indeed can become a salvation for those who number on the scales is scary. Moreover, with proper time planning the feeling of constant hunger can not be afraid.

In rice contains useful minerals that will contribute to the speedy breakdown of fat. With luck the organism will get used to the new regime for a week of mono-and later the weight will become easier. And yet, in rice grains a high concentration of lecithin – it has a positive effect on the brain. Phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iodine and iron here too.

A diet of rice would cost to register the Ukrainians in hospitals compulsory, at least once a year – after the holidays. Figure copes with a colon cleanse, it is generally a great natural absorbent.

Like any diet, rice is contraindicated for people with a sick stomach, and after an illness to sit on it is not worth it. And to bend the stick is also not necessary: for seven days the rice mono weight will drop even a sumo wrestler. Multivitamin will help to avoid a possible shortage of vitamins and minerals – choose the ones with more potassium.

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