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Nutritionists told how to lose weight in an unusual way

Диетологи рассказали, как похудеть необычным способомThe glycemic index of the product can help you achieve the desired result.

Foods containing carbohydrates have not only calories, but glycemic index. This also affects weight loss and weight gain. Therefore, making a diet for weight loss, it is necessary to consider the glycemic index of foods.

The glycemic index of the product – what is it?

The glycemic index (GI) indicates the rate of breakdown of carbohydrate product, in comparison with rate of breakdown of glucose. GI of glucose equated to 100 units.

Rather than split the product, the higher its GI. Foods containing carbohydrates are divided into groups with high, medium and low glycemic index.

Beer belly is associated with excessive accumulation of visceral fat, which is highly injurious to health. Need a gym + complete ban on foods with a high glycemic index.

Why when losing weight to consider the glycemic index of the product?

Foods with a high glycemic index are digested quickly and raise blood sugar levels. In response our pancreas sharply emits the hormone insulin to distribute the “extra” sugar throughout the body and partially convert it into fat. In addition, insulin prevents the breakdown of already present in the body fat back into glucose.

The more food with high GI eats for a day man, the more is the release of insulin. This means that his body remains old and a new fat. As a result, the weight increases.

Constant hunger and craving for sweets may be due to sharp fluctuations in blood sugar, some endocrine pathology.

Products with low and medium glycemic index are digested and broken down gradually for a long time. As a result, in blood sugar surges do not occur, and insulin is not committed to the task of accumulation of fat.

The conclusion is simple: diet for weight loss should be more products with medium and low glycemic index. But do not completely abandon foods that are high GI. Many of them contain necessary for the body vitamins and minerals. Just these products should be present in the menu, much less.

Information about the glycemic index of foods

If you are diet for weight loss offered rates of major GI carbohydrate foods.

High glycemic index – foods with a GI 70 and above:

Beer (110)

Toast of white bread (100)

Baked and roasted potatoes (95)

Muffins (95)

White rice (90)

Boiled and steamed carrots (85)

Mashed potatoes (83)

Muesli with raisins and nuts (80)

Crackers (80)

Pumpkin & watermelon (75)

Millet, pearl barley, semolina (70)

Brown sugar (70)

Potato chips (70)

Chocolate bar type “Snickers”, “Twix”, etc. (70)

Milk chocolate

For products with a medium glycemic index include foods with a GI 50-69

Wheat flour (69)

Instant oatmeal (66)

Orange juice (65)

Boiled and steamed beets (65)

Jacket potatoes (65)

Whole wheat, black yeast, rye bread (65)

Canned vegetables (65)

Marmalade (65)

Banana, melon (60)

Oatmeal (60)

Long grain rice (60)

Mayonnaise (60)

Mustard, ketchup (55)

Spaghetti (55)

Shortbread (55)

Brown brown rice (50)

Kiwi, persimmon, mango (50)

Low glycemic index (49 and below) we have the following products:

Fresh and frozen cranberries (47)

Canned green peas (45)

Brown basmati rice (45)

Grammotoy juice without sugar (45)

Buckwheat (40)

Pasta “al dente” (40)

Dried apricots, prunes (40)

Fresh Apple, plum, orange (35)

Beans (34)

Eggplant (20)

Cauliflower (15)

Cucumber (15)

Mushrooms (15)

Tofu (15)

Parsley, Basil (5)

Cinnamon, vanilla (5)

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