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Nutritionists told how to lose weight by speeding up the metabolism

Диетологи рассказали, как похудеть, ускорив метаболизм These methods cause the body to quickly burn calories.

To lose weight, all you need to do is speed up the metabolism. Such a stereotype exists among those who have set a goal to get rid of extra pounds. And part of the thesis is correct that the more active the body processes food into energy, the easier the surface of the body evaporates the excess fat.

What determines metabolic rate?

Metabolism – biochemical process, aimed at maintaining the amount of nutrients in the body. During metabolism in the tissue of do nutritional minerals and oxygen. Thanks to him, the body grows and develops.

During the metabolism of complex substances into more simple that helps the body to absorb them. It plays a big role in providing human energy, and even affects how a person will endure pain.

The metabolic rate depends on many reasons. The main ones are:

– heredity;
– food and consumable products;
– sleep mode;
– nervous system, the stability of the psyche;
– negative external factors;
– physical activity.
– the age.

As we get older, the metabolic rate usually slows down because the aging process reduces muscle mass and increase the number of the stored fat. Activity can help to optimize your metabolism. There are also a number of hormonal and neurological changes, which will impact on the levels of stored fat. But is there anything that we can do to prevent the slowing of our metabolism?

How to speed up metabolism?

1. Physical activity

To speed up your metabolism through physical activity fit even cardio. High-intensity load is the most useful as after it for 24 hours maximally accelerates metabolism.

2. Sleep

If you take too little sleep, your metabolism slows down to save energy, which then triggers the release of the stress hormone cortisol. The consistent high levels of cortisol increases the growth and durability of the fat cells, because tissue visceral fat contains a large number of cortisol receptors that respond to circulating cortisol in the blood. As a result, this may have a negative impact on our metabolism.

3. Diet

Because higher levels of fat can negatively affect our metabolism, it is important to have a balanced nutritional diet. Maintaining a healthy weight is optimal for a healthy metabolism. There are certain vitamins, lack of which often leads to a slow metabolism.

4. Hormonal balance

Metabolism is controlled by the thyroid gland in the neck, which, in turn, is controlled by the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. A slowing metabolism is part of the aging process, but there are steps we can take to fix this

Tips for boosting metabolism
– Avoid weird diets – they usually exclude certain groups of food products and excessively reduce the number of calories that can put you at risk of nutrient deficiency.
– Reduce intake of alcohol.
– Increase your protein – your body digests protein slower than fat or carbohydrates, which makes you feel full longer.

– Add spices to your food, such as chili and Cayenne pepper.
– Avoid TRANS fats – these fats are associated with fat cells and liver cells, which can slow the metabolism and increase the chance of inflammation in the body.
– Drink green tea – the active ingredient, catechin, which is contained in green tea can increase your metabolism.

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