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Nutritionists suggested when healthier eat fruit in the morning or evening

Диетологи подсказали, когда полезнее есть фрукты: утром или вечеромFruits are an integral part of many desserts, salads, breakfasts and dinners, all kinds of smoothies and cocktails, and simply health and wellbeing.

Not to over indulge in fruit salads even in the evenings and love to eat some sweet fruit immediately after a meal? Of course, juicy and flavorful fruit is incredibly difficult to give up, however, we still recommend that you take vitamin snacking time.


Morning is the perfect time for all fruits! Can not deny yourself anything: even the sweet bananas, or grapes will be taken on ur stomach, and you will get a powerful boost of energy thanks to the most useful on a light dose of carbohydrates.

Examples of such fruit Breakfast: your favorite cereal with any fruit, smooth yogurt with biscuits and a kiwi and cream smoothie bowl with pineapple and mango. Well, after such a wonderful, tasty and healthy start of the day something will happen to ruin your mood?


The day is not so good for all fruits, as the morning time. For example, oranges are best to eat before noon, because these fruits have high acidity, otherwise you risk to get heartburn and indigestion. By the way, the same applies to orange fresh juice.

Best day to do the Apple or pear: these fruits are rich in dietary fiber and fiber, which will help speed up the metabolism and normalize digestion.

The evening

As you know, in the second half of the day, our physical activity is gradually on the decline, and all the excess carbohydrates that we eat, have a pernicious tendency to be deposited in the form of extra inches on the waist.

And even if the prospect does not have to fit into your favorite skirt because of the (funny!) fruit of overeating does not scare you, we hasten to warn you that after the fateful 6 PM our metabolism slows down and this means that the fruit will not be digested as good as the first half of the day.


I bet you often allow yourself to eat fruits after the main meal. Well, take pineapples, many of which overlap, completing the meal because they burn calories.

Actually pineapples are best eaten before the meal: the only way you will be able to help your stomach quickly digest the main course. And it’s not just pineapples: any fruit the best snack on an empty stomach. So you won’t suffer from bloating, and acute discomfort caused by chemical reactions of digestion fruit is already filled with food the stomach.

Bananas are a versatile snack that can replace a full meal and even help the body recover after a workout: a high energy value and rich vitamin and mineral composition of fruit will support your strength.


Surely you realize that the fruit is not the best product for those who want to lose weight. Whatever they were useful and how many vitamins may contain, in the first place, this sweet food, rich in sugar, albeit fructose.

Sitting on a diet or restricting your consumption of calories to lose weight, allow yourself fruits that will give you a lasting feeling of satiety and help keep appetite under control. The grapefruit, for example, a very low glycemic index, but the fruit itself is very tasty, low calorie and filling. It can be eaten even later in the evening, if you are very hungry.

Kiwi, pomegranate and pineapple are also great options, but still cautiously recommend that you include these fruits in the diet because of their high acidity.

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