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Nutritionists suggested that you should drink after a workout

Диетологи подсказали, что нужно пить после тренировкиA variety of protein shakes will benefit those who regularly trains.

Athletes to stay in shape lean sources of proteins, namely protein foods. Protein is involved in the construction of lean body mass, so this component should be the Foundation of a meal following the workout.

Regardless of what time of day is training people in the gym, he nutritionists recommend drinking protein shakes after 20-30 minutes after the lesson is completed. Moreover, this cocktail can replace one meal, such as dinner, because the majority of people visit the gym after work in the evening.

The huge benefits of a protein shake:

– great saturate the body beneficial trace elements, including protein;

– suppress appetite;

– restore lost power and give you energy;

– heal injuries if they are not significant and stretch the muscles that were received during sports.

How to prepare a protein shake?

Yogurt+orange. Need natural yogurt 100-150 ml without additives and one orange. Whip ingredients in a blender and drink the resulting smoothie.

Apple+cinnamon+soymilk+egg whites. For a delicious shake, place in a blender with 100 ml milk, a pinch of cinnamon, stoned sour-sweet Apple and 2-3 protein (crude). When the smoothie is smooth, it can be pour into a glass and drink.

Pomegranate+yogurt+egg whites. In this case, you will need the juice and pomegranate seeds. In a blender, pour 100 ml of yogurt and pomegranate juice, add 2-3 egg whites and a handful of pomegranate seeds. Beat until a homogeneous mass and drink.

Cook for yourself every day after training different protein shakes and you will see that your strength will quickly come back to you, and the body gradually begins to gain the shape you’ve always dreamed of.

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