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Nutritionists suggested than you can replace sweets

Диетологи подсказали, чем можно заменить сладостиImportant information for those with a sweet tooth.

Chocolate, candy and cake loved by all. But not to lose your figure and health will have to give them up. Just need to replace such Goodies on useful products.

Here are some low-calorie sweets:

1. Nuts with dried fruit.

But they are too high in calories. For example, 100 grams of raisins has 264 Calories, figs 257, walnut – 654 and hazelnuts in 705, and so on. It is recommended to eat not more than 100 g per day, according to LadyHealth. Good dried fruits to mix with each other.

2. Cakes.

It is possible, but little by little, it is better that the cakes were prepared without the use of eggs and sugar. Even better, the flour is replaced by cereal. It is useful to cook biscuits 80 g oat flakes, 1 banana, 50 g. of shavings of coconut and low fat cream cheese, about 200 grams. It will be “yummy”.

3. Tangerines and kiwi.

All fruits are good substitutes for candy, cakes, etc., since they have useful sugar and glucose. But especially helpful are banana, tangerine and kiwi is a great alternative to sweets. And if you do have salads (not the individual) , they will satisfy your hunger. From exotics to consume papaya and pineapple because they break down accumulated fats and removes them.

It should be borne in mind that fruit glucose and sugar get into the blood quickly, so the sense of satisfaction is felt immediately.

4. Chocolate (bitter) and ice cream

Chocolate (bitter) contains about 75% cocoa, so its caloric value is not high. Daily intake of no more than 50 grams.
Ice cream is a common treat. Daily intake of about 200 grams. Absolutely not dangerous, because the body expends a lot of energy for warming and digestion.

And some advice from experts:

– develop a habit of eating only when feeling hungry, and only until the remission of hunger, and not to the devastation of the plate
– remove all sweets, except for fruit, so as not to tempt themselves.
before eating any treats will study its composition and calorific value, is great sobering.

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